Vacation Pic Tips

Taking Artful Travel Photos

Found on  This is a basic, but helpful, list of suggestions for taking artful travel photos.
How to take vacation photos with your digital camera that you will be proud to hang.
Play with different angles
Even recognizable or frequently photographed locations can be even more eye-catching when you capture them from a fresh perspective. For example, shoot buildings looking up rather than straight on.

Position your subject
To create more powerful photos, place the subject off-center and leave the rest of the frame empty. Imagine the shot divided into three sections (like a tick-tack-toe game).

Use silhouettes
Put your subject between you and the setting or rising sun to create dramatic silhouettes-perfect for framing.

Capture color
Look for the vibrant and unique colors. You can find them anywhere-shop displays, graffiti, even in farmers markets. Here, a storefront full of bags and scarves becomes a striking photo.

Try black and white
The contrast of black and white accentuates lines, textures, and edges, making it a good choice for turning snapshots into dramatic photos.

Snap signs and symbols
Landmarks, signs, and memorabilia can make for fun, creative photos. Look for opportunities to capture the flavor of your destinations-great for scrapbooking too.

Display your memories
Show off your most memorable travel photos, and turn your home or office into a beautiful art gallery in the process.
It's always nice to return from a trip and have photos to share with friends and family while you tell stories and relive moments of your time away.

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