Hi! Thank you for wanting to learn more! 

I have been a professional portrait photographer in Greenwood and Indianapolis for 35 years!  I have always been passionate about the arts, but especially photography and often fuse them together. I studied at the Art Institiute of Atlanta and stay updated with continuing education seminars. 

There is only one me. I am warm, friendly, caring, patient, sincere, smiley, unique and a creative professional. I love the variety of people I meet. I am drawn to children, elderly and pets.  All ages are special and have a story to share. This career is perfect for me.

My specialties are families, grandparent/father or mother/child, kids of all ages and head shots. My goal is natural, beautiful expressions. Telling both emotional and happy stories. Capturing people at their best through photography is my super power! My photography is real, classic/modern and tells your story.

I am not on the same path as most photographers. You will see me again.  I don't just hand over my images for you to save.  I love prints. I understand sharing tiny, quick phone images but printed portraits displayed in your home are golden! Digital files won't last forever. We remember the ones we print. Whether it is framed for the wall, on an easel,  in a collage, art strip, small table top print or a beautiful custom album, prints are a treasure.  I attract clients who value print products and decorate their homes with real life memories. My display products are high quality. Retouched and then printed at the best professional labs. I also offer custom framing for your convenience.  You can depend on me.  I store your favorite images and you can re-order. Mine is a full service portrait studio providing a great in person experience.  Don't worry, at the end I will send you those tiny low res images you want for your phone.

I value the relationships with my wonderful clients. While making them happy, I am also honored to gain their trust and loyalty.  What a treat to see their families grow up.

I recommend a consultation to plan your session, clothing color and where you want the shoot to take place. What is your end goal? What do you want me to do for you?

Life's journey is exciting and so fast!  You and your family are changing.  Keeping memories is my passion.  They are an important record and a remembrance for you to save or share.

Enjoy your day! Thank you so much for visiting!  Please text or call 317-780-7955.  My best, Melinda

(P.S. The image is our daughter, who lives in France with her French husband. Our son is a hard working self employed shoe expert.  My surfer/RT husband is from CA. We love communicating, people watching, seeing new places, great bread, nature, backyard birds, planting flowers, bike riding, movies, cooking, time with friends and family, music, museums, and sandy rocky shores.  Currently we have 2 feral cats.  We have fed and cared for many. They are very entertaining and sometimes friendly!

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