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 A Little About me......

 I was born in Franklin, Indiana.  I was a beautiful baby with A head full of thick hair.  There were hardly any pictures of me. I was the third of four children. 

I am a Hoosier. I went to Art/Photography school in AtLanta.  It opened my eyes to the diversity of so many cultures.  It started my love of people watching and appreciating the variety and uniqueness of them. I also became interested in interior design and making a house a home by adding pictures.

I am a photographer because I love faces.  I am drawn to people's stories and capturing their legacies.  I am able to record people at all stages of their lives- the happiest and sometimes saddest times. It is an honor to do that for a job.  Photography drew me in long ago and has never let me go. 

I love nature and traveling, especially the coasts. I love seeing the sunshine and beautiful sunsets.  I love snow when it covers the drab winter view. I am drawn to rocks, water, and shells.  I adore kids. I Like MOST animals and they like me. A Sense of humor is a must! I love to laugh. I so enjoy exploring new places and am really drawn to textures. I like to see beautiful things. I Really appreciate each flower bloom. I love traditions and am very family oriented. I work hard. I adore  my two adult kids and am so proud of them. My daughter recently married her Frenchman. My son is his own boss and follows me being self employed. My hubby is a R.T. from CA.  We love going bike riding and cooking.  I cannot resist dark chocolate and when offered will always eat desserts first.  Like most people, I begin each day quietly after feeding the array of birds on our deck and sipping a couple of cups of nicely brewed coffee. I Almost always have a mid-afternoon espresso or tea to re-charge.  I always try my best and am very determined.  I am a passionate, creative individual. I keep dreaming, loving and experiencing life.  You can usually find me with favorite music playing and into some project in my workroom late at night or simply watching a great movie.  I am never bored!

Please get in touch. I'm Looking forward to learning more about you!  Call/text me!  317-780-7955

hugs, Melinda